All Stations Clothing X Dmerc 


Artist Name: DMERC

Age: 35

Years as an Artist: as a person that has loved graffiti, 20 plus years.

Favourite colour: black (even though it’s not a color hahaha) other than that blue

Inspiration behind design: the love of the art of handstyles

Favourite Artist: dest, taste, hombre, boogie, swet, dash. Couldn’t just name one hahaha

Favourite Tune: Sean Price - da god, sweet life - fish life

Favourite shoe: air max 95

Favourite Paint Brand: Montana 94 / hardcores / loop colors

Have you ever painted with Australian Export: hell yeahh! Exports, Dulux, tanas

City: Grew up in Perth, run around Sydney, now living on the Gold Coast


Shout Outs!: shout outs to all the familia, CL SFX 3DB ABC CG SLC.

Instagram: Dmerc_art

All Stations Clothing x Ilwon


Artist Name: ILWON

Age: -

Years as an artist: Since I could use a pen

Favourite colour: Tuesy: green

Inspiration behind design: Charlie Brown

Favourite artist :Meks, Sofles, Askew, Berst, Gent all the lads in my crew fucking too many

Favourite tune: Ocean wisdom, Skepta, MOG.Y, Wiseguy, Ill format to name a few

Favourite shoe: Socks & slides

Favourite paint brand: Ironlak Montana 94

Have you ever painted with Australian export: Exxy: yes

City: Melbourne 


Shout out: FAMZ! All the crews above and all the legends I’ve painted with who support and especially all the haters!

Instagram: illerwon_

Website: Coming Soon !


All Stations Clothing x Wiak


Artist Name: WIAK

Age: 24

Years as an artist: Been drawing since primary school , took interest in graffiti at 13 years young

Favourite colour: Orange ! Vibrant orange

Inspiration behind design: Thought the Melbourne Train map would look cool with the main stations tagged being a Melbourne local

Favourite artist: ah man in no particular order here’s a few Akuze , porno , basix , shit , monk , 1der , mike porter , vens , ilwon , dose , sofles, askem, break, getnup, sick ,pzor, man the list goes on The writers in my crews !

Favourite tune: lost my mind to 999999999-0000000003 when they played live in Melbourne

Favourite shoe: Airmax 90's

Favourite paint brand: Kobra, ironlak , Montana gold

Have you ever painted with Australian export: learnt with export (a wise man once told me if you can burn in export you will murder real cans )

City: Melburn !

Crews: ASC

Shout out: Shout outs to  ALL STATIONS CLOTHING for keeping the culture alive, shout out the crews, shout out to the boys that have stuck fat over the years, shout out to the lads still painting steel you know who you are, shout out to the family and to the homies iv lost along the way !

Instagram: No Comment

Website: -